Love and Friendship II

Now where were we?…


…Like I said, someone brought all those feelings of want, hope and slight desperation back. Around mid February, there was this boy who confessed he liked me and part of me wanted to like me but I couldn’t. I then did a little self discovery and discovered a lot of things.

I was scared : I was afraid of change. That something so beautiful could change so fast to something opposite

I lost part of my self esteem : I didn’t believe I was pretty or had anything outstanding. A little part of me thought we had ended because I became ugly or I lost my talents

I didn’t move on and I was tired : I found myself always remembering our past memories. I was sub consciously trying to relive the past when it was long gone. I found myself ignoring things that when resurfaced would be like poison in my system

I was broken but I convinced myself I was okay. Little by little I started forgetting about him again as I was busy with school and as he was dating my friend. But still, whenever I saw him my heart skipped a beat and I always found a way to ignore and concentrate on him at the same time.

I felt hopeless…I hated my heart for still keeping him inside, I hated seeing his face or hearing his voice. I hated hearing about him in general. This happened all through out February and March and thank God for the easter break or I would have surely lost mind

By the beginning of the 3rd term. I was determined to get over him. I was a little busy with school work so my feelings were a little reduced but they heightened every time I was near him or saw him…I expected him to do the cute things he used to do when we were still ‘in love’ but he just walked away and it hurt a little bit but I brushed it off. I never told anybody how I felt. I just kept it to myself until a game of truth or dare…

That was the beginning of me actually moving on. My friends and his girlfriend( she’s still my friend) asked me about our past relationship and I answered honestly and I decided from that day onwards that IF THE BOTH OF THEM REALLY LOVED EACH OTHER, I WOULD BE HAPPY FOR THEM. From that day onwards I never felt what I felt for Michael again. (This happened in mid May).


  • Moving on is hard. Its very easy for people to tell you to move on and forget about him/her but its actually not simple. It takes time and effort . Don’t bother yourself if its 7 months and you haven’t move on. Time will slowly fill the gap
  • Moving on basically means using and learning from past experiences in order to use it for future reference to prevent making the same mistakes
  • Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away
  • Talking with a friend or friends helps to fasten and ease the healing process. If you don’t have any, writing in a diary or writing a letter to express your hidden feelings help
  • Friendship and love should be separated meaning if you consider someone a good friend and you don’t want to loose him/her, avoid falling in love with them…Life isn’t all rainbows
  • Real friendship should not be sacrificed because of a partner…not in all cases though
  • No break up should make you feel inferior… Always remember What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Hiiii well that’s my first love story. I truly hope this inspires someone out there. If you know someone who needs this please share this with them

If you also have any questions as I may not have explained everything clearly, just comment below

Have a nice weekend


Personal Experience : Love and Friendship

I was 10/11years old, I was 2 classes ahead of my age meaning my classmates were all 2 years older than me.

Our class was kind of divided into groups and our group was divided into two; the boys and the girls. We were about 6 of us in the group. I was particularly close to the boys especially one. Let’s just call him Michael

Everybody suspected that I and ‘Michael’ had a thing and it wasn’t until a game of truth or dare that his feelings were confirmed. I never really thought about liking Michael until that day he partially confessed

One day while we were texting, he asked me who I liked and I had to confess, and so I did. I was really new to all that stuff so I avoided him at first,because of that and the fact that he and his best friend had fights because of me( not because his best friend liked me).

Summer holidays came and we had a lot of fights and I decided I didn’t like him anymore and we parted ways. Unfortunately, I wasn’t done with him yet…That year, our school organised summer classes towards the end of the holidays and he was there. I fell for him all over again

School resumed, and we just fell into sync. Our ‘like’ grew into love and even though I was shy about speaking with him in school, I spent every second with him on phone. Everything was just perfect. We had fights all the time but we always forgave each other and moved on. I knew he longed for a relationship but I was just 12 at that time. The school year got finished but this time we didn’t separate but we had a lot of fights

The new academic year begun and I loved him more than ever before. I slowly started to come out of my shell; I talked with him more and everything was good until December of that year

We started growing apart an he told me honestly that “the love was fading”. I felt we could fix it because I thought it was just a phase. One evening, I took it upon myself to ask him if he loved me anymore and the answer was negative.

I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to move on with my life but it was harder and tougher than I thought.

Note: All that happened during Christmas break

School resumed and it was hard…like really hard. All I could think about was our past memories. Everytime I looked at him, my heart skipped a beat. I failed to understand that the past is in the past. I really struggled. He kept on popping into my head and I really wanted to move on. I was an emotional mess and I just forced myself to believe he didn’t have an effect on me. We still talked on phone but it was rare. I missed us just talking and being friends joking about everything and anything

I felt like he gave up on us but I was so confused. Basically, I shut him and thoughts of him out of my life. A few weeks later, I found out he was dating my friend. Let’s call her Frida

I wasn’t jealous but I just regretted…

This gave me more reason to move on and I thought I really did until someone unlocked those feelings once more..

Hiii am definitely going to continue the story in the next post. Just didn’t wanna make this post too long

Enjoy and comment below what you think

Being Normal

Being usual;the same as would be expected or conformance to an average social, expected patterns or behavior

Definition of normal in some dictionaries

Usually,one is called normal when one abides to the rules of the society by being constant and predictable and not ‘abnormal’.

But I think being normal is far more complex than that…

Our ancestors walked naked during their times and it was their own ‘normal’ ,but if for instance that were to happen today it would be called ‘crazy’. A few decades ago marrying a few wives and having a lot of children was a ‘normal’ but today it is highly shunned.

So this comes to my first conclusion

  • Being normal all depends on the time and mindset of the people of the world during the time you are born in

Being normal is something people worry about all the time e.g. teenagers,because they feel like being normal is a gateway to being accepted by the society.

People feel like if they don’t follow the patterns or norms put by the society they are abnormal and so would rather hide what is ‘unusual’ in order to be accepted

Which comes to my second conclusion

  • The rules and regulations of being normal are governed by the society around us

The Society’s Normal

The society’s normal is based on what people expect and not what could happen. In my own opinion the society’s normal does not acknowledge our talents,likes or dislikes it just wants us to behave in a certain way. It does not perceive a world with different personalities but everybody in the world as the same. Its basically throws away our uniqueness

The Real Normal

In my opinion there is NO such thing as normal. The word normal in the case of describing a human being should be replaced by unique. Being normal is boring and repetitive . It makes u a robot . It limits your thoughts and capabilities. It decreases your life span.

Therefore I want everyone to ask themselves what makes me unique or what is my normal and not am I normal? Or why can’t u be normal

My final conclusion is:

Strive to be your normal

Strive to be unique

Do not strive to be normal because it doesn’t exist. Don’t be fooled into trying to fit in into the society.

You don’t have to fit in to show the world what you are made of

Forget about what the society says and be who you are

I hope you guys forgive me for being absent

If you have any question about this post feel free to ask.

And always remember “Have courage and be kind”

I am backkk….

Hey there guys…I know I have been missing…for about 3 years I am really sorry but as a way to appease y’all I have decided to come back and I am available 24/7. So if you got any problems or questions comment below or DM me

Love y’all

Self Esteem

Sometimes a lot of people feel like they don’t belong somewhere or they aren’t big enough or smart enough.Or a sometimes bullied and that reduces your self esteem and causes stress

So today we’re gonna be looking at how to improve your self esteem

Step  1

Share your worries. There‘s nothing wrong in confiding into a close friend or even a parent about how you feel.Talk to them and share your doubts.

Step 2

 Take a break or even a walk.Think about things reducing your esteem,think about how it/they has affected you both morally and socially and if that’s what you want to be I.e a sad,bullied,low esteemed person

 Step 3 

 After the walk and the thinking release itself from the negative energy .Always remember that no one can make u feel inferior without your consent.If they tell you your ugly know your beautiful, If they tell you your too small,know that the smallest things make the biggest changes

Step 4

Find something to occupy yourself with example singing lessons,dancing,drawing etc.Listen to motivational speakers(Optional)

Step 5 

 You probably should start doing exercises.This will help you reduce stress

Step 6

 Start trying not to care too much about what people think.Know that everyone is not perfect and you all are human beings

If you have ever experienced this or if this has helped you in anyway write to me in the comment section

Fun time:How to throw a perfect surprise birthday party

So my last posts have been on sad issues but now its time to loosen up and feel free so I would be giving tips on how to throw a surprise birthday  party

Venue:You can throw the party at your place or your friends place so it’ll be easy getting the person there

Decorations:Decorate with your friends favourite colours.Buy banners that say happy birthday and wherever your imagination takes you.

Food:Desserts,fast food,real food anything goes but there should be a cake.

Entertainment:Get a DJ, live band or even a magician as long as there is fun in the air.It will be great 

What else! I feel like am forgetting something .oh,yes 

What to do with the birthday girl/boy 

Occupy her with something e.g take her out.Go to the park,go to the museum or a club any where but make sure to have he/she back for the party

Last but not least what kind of party to throw:Masquerade, Costume,Pool etc 

Also remember to get an outfit for the birthday girl/boy depending on the kind of party

Any questions? Write me in the comment section

Global warming

 So pretty much everyone must have heard about global warming but am still going to define it

Global Warming 

In simple terms global warming is the heating up or increase in temperature all over the world.

During the last 120 years the worlds average temperature has increased by 0.5° Celsius. But nobody seems to care that very large lakes and rivers may dry up or that flooding,thunderstorms and tropical cyclones may become part of our normal life. I say so because of the responses to this crisis an  example is  President Donald  Trump he backed out of the Paris Climate change deal  and I don’t think he has learnt his lesson maybe Irma,Harvey or Maria weren’t strong enough.Now let’s talk about the causes 


  • Deforestation is the main cause of global warming. This is simply the cutting down of trees without replanting     

                 Trees they are very important they are used both human and environmental needs

      Human needs 

      They are used to

      • Construct houses
      • Cook( mainly in poor African countries)
      • To get coal ,petroleum, natural gas etc
      • Medicinal purposes
      • The cork in beer is gotten from soft trees
      • They are home to animals we eat 

        Environmental needs

      • For water I.e this means that trees store water and give it up  easily through the process of evaporation which brings about rainfall
      • Needed  for oxygen :Trees take in carbon dioxide  and send  out oxygen
      • Ozone layer: Trees take in carbon dioxide which depletes the ozone layer
      • These trees provide shelter to animals

      So we see trees are very important so let’s protect them

                        Consequences of global warming

      • Drying up of water bodies
      • Flooding
      • Increase in violent thunderstorms and tropical cyclones
      • Extinction or Scarcity of glaciers and polar ice caps
      • Ultraviolet rays will cause diseases like cancer
      • Frequent acid showers

                        What can be done to tackle global warming

      • Afforestation
      • Banning and stop using of chlorofluorocarbons
      • Reduction in the use of coal and petroleum
      • Looking for alternative energy sources
      • Creation of electric powered cars

      We can see that this is a very serious problem. If you have any questions or any other ways to tackle this problem tell me in the comment section